Various- Edition 4 (1×12″)

Bread And Butter Recordings

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Haven’t been released in over a year and a half, London-based Bread & Butter returns to the table serving some more minimal appetizers. BBR004 comes yet again in the form of a VA compilation, this time featuring four more on the rise and talented Romanian favourites.

To open the dance is “Aguamenti” by microhouse specialist Herck, starts with his typical rumbling modular madness; enveloping the listener is a swathe of an unusual sensual vocal and ever-switched slaps of melodic noise work from the off. Some delicate cowbells join the scene, and the hypnotic dimension increases, arousing our curiosity.

Up next is Costin Rp, who immediately sets an housier tone with his “If You Can”. A relatively soft and bouncy low-end area stages for a playful sequence of sci-fi sounds, catchy female vocals, spacey pads, and a minimal groove that blinks a bit to the m-nus days.

On the flip, Midas Touch’s boss Macarie “Atmosferiqua” gets a bit moody, offering a bubbling bassline – sometimes coming with some acid splashes in the background – and tight noisy drums. Suddenly, a long break lays itself like a spell over the fairytale landscape until the beat kicks in again.

Closing duties are entrusted to Teluric and the harsh “Composite”. A sharp blockhead sub-bassline moves along with a muffled and punchy kick, letting an ever-changing synth take the scene alongside over-processed granular sounds for a deep dubby tool.