Moomin – The story about you (2×12″ 2022 Repress)


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Only once in a while you would enter the real magic of House Music. How rare are those club nights, festivals, releases or tracks you get totally mesmerised, you feel like something changed. You want to take home that one party, the sound or a special moment to keep it forever. With Moomin’s “The Story About You” we discover exactly this kind of experience. It is an album of uniqueness and transcendence, like a meteorite touching the ground of your own private garden. Sebastian Genz aka Moomin never intended to reinvent House Music as his productions come from the heart and are related to the lovely people’s dancefloor. That’s what gorgeous parties and releases of the White Label around Oskar Offermann and the Smallville imprint taught him: Real House Music is only possible within a soulful surrounding. Motivated and heartful so-called promoters but more friends and labelmates meet a sweet and open crowd to create their own little universe. With that inspiration Moomin is able to built an enchanting sound and wonderful tracks, stories for lovely people, “The Story About You”. What we love about instrumental House Music is that reduction of groove and loop to the essential. A hypnotic theme that could last forever, giving a night its colour and deepness. The secret is not only his skills on quite an enormeous selection of vintage analogue machines, wether it is the holy Roland instruments Tr 606, 808, 909, the Roland Alpha Juno, an SP 1200 or a Korg Poly 61. The addiction of the musician for producing itself keeps Sebastian Genz playing the machines every day and night. After Moomin’s releases on Berlin based labels White and Aim, it was just a tiny step to have a first 12inch on Smallville ( 26), as the friendship and exchange between those imprints has quite a history. The Smallpeople aka Just von Ahlefeld and Julius Steinhoff and labelmate Lawrence immediately fell in love with those tracks. The idea of an debut album was born- touching, moving and deep like the ocean.